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Latest Testimonials

Aarusha feels:
Simply Awesome tshirt and it's fastest courier delivery was really impressive.... Had ordered it for my best friend, Pradnya and sh ...

suyashvaze feels:
Got the ordered Tees. Good to see the personal note...

dhrmesh feels:
mine ek sirt kahridi, accha lage, fit baitho hae mharepar, thnk u.

sumanthas feels:
Got tee in 2 days, loved personal note and was perfect fit and more over liked the small sheep on the back of tee. Many more tees will add in my wardrobe. cheers !!!!

sathya feels:
You were very helpful and cooperative. And your notes are really cute! :) Good luck to you!

mayasrinath feels:
Your shirts completely lived upto my expectations and are incredibly comfortable. Loved the tees!

rocky04 feels:
I had ordered 4 for me and my frds and received my order in 48hrs, fabulous service and quality of products. and I know my frds are going to just love it !! thank you sheep stop

moasa feels:
Thank you sheepstop for Awesome T shirts. Just received the Tees. - From Doha

shishir feels:
Wow! hats off to your lightining fast service..great tees..and very generous of you to put in the thank you note :)..

basolian feels:
Finally got my SheepStop tee and prize money, Luckily on my Birthday ! Best B'day present ever :) Thanks a lot Sheepstop :D

bleh feels:
Thanks for the awesome tees, @SheepStop :) you guys never disappoint!! pic.twitter.com/mG25ebDm

jolene feels:
Love my sheepstop tees! great quality , great print and the handwritten note is a nice touch! thanks sheepstop :)

gauravw008 feels:
I have ordered a t-shirt recently from you. I am pleased to tell you that your service is admirable. The designs are exceptionally brilliant. Keep the good work and hope to see more creative work from ...

rehaan feels:
I had bought several t-shirts from a handful of Indian websites a while back. The only ones that left me impressed were the SheepStop tees, and now I probably have one for every day of the week! (The ...

animesh22 feels:
Saw it the first time at Khala Ghoda Festival since then, there is no looking back. Amazing quality and the print of the tees. Way to go, sheepstop! :)

sandyboy feels:
I have the Tee and it's wonderful ! I also love the handwritten note which came with it, really nice :-)

galijguru31 feels:
just got my tees yesterday. looks great.feels great.got it in a day.that was fast.looking forward for more.

ag0789 feels:
got my 'Do it My Way' shirt. Really loved the print and how well it fits. P.S.-The handwritten thank you note was brilliant. Thank You!

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