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What is SheepStop?
SheepStop is a graphic t-shirts brand showcasing the most popular contributions of our brilliant online designer community. Designers submit their creations in an ongoing t-shirt design contest and a winner is chosen by the SheepStop flock every week. The winning designs are then available for sale at SheepStop and can be bought by t-shirt lovers all over the world!
What?s the idea behind SheepStop?
SheepStop was inspired by the dual challenge of providing a transparent platform for designers to showcase their talent and creating a fun filled e-shopping experience for all the t-shirt lovers.
Who is StyleBuds?
StyleBuds is a technology company based in Pune, India, making online shopping experience more fun and rewarding. SheepStop is our first initiative
How do I join SheepStop?
a. Join now with your email id and password
b. You will instantly receive an activation link at the registered email id, welcoming you to SheepStop flock
c. Click on the activation link and enjoy the SheepStop experience.
c. You can introduce yourself to the flock by editing your profile and choosing a cool profile picture
Why didn?t I receive any activation link?
a. Some email providers may mark our emails as spam, so also check your spam/junk folder. If you have any issues opening an account with us, write to us at and we will assist you.
b. It may also be a good idea to add to your contacts so future emails are not blocked
How do I change my password at SheepStop?
Click on ?Edit Profile? in the profile settings of your account, to change your password
What if I forget my username or password?
Enter your screen name or registered email address and we will send across a temporary password for you. On logging in please change the temporary password for your security
Can I change my profile details?
a. Sure you can change everything except screenname and email id used for registration
b. Just login and make the changes you wish by clicking on ?Edit Profile? at the ?Profile Settings? Tab
I am thrilled!!! How do I share my SheepStop experience?
a. Simply let us know what you think about SheepStop at this link . We will share it with everyone.
b. Spread the word by sending SheepStop invitations to your friends and open doors to bag up to 100 Reward points which can be redeemed for your favourite tees!
b. Oh yeah and share your very own SheepStop personal url with your near and dear ones to let them know all fun you have been having at SheepStop !
Why is it cool to invite friends to SheepStop?
a. Both you and the friend you invited will receive 20 SheepStop points each, when your invited friend joins SheepStop
b. Along with it you receive blessings from your friends for introducing them to such an awesome designer graphics platform and shopping delight!
Is my data secure at SheepStop?
a. SheepStop does not use your data for promotional purposes, except when you have explicitly given us permission. You can change your consent at any time
b. Any personal information given to SheepStop is handled confidentially. Your commission, telephone number, email address, banking details to receive payment, rejected designs information and bets will not be disclosed to any third party
Who can submit designs at SheepStop?
Artists across the world are welcome to submit their designs at SheepStop?s ongoing t shirt design competitions.
There is no upper limit on the number of design submissions per designer.
What is the selection process for a design?
a. Any original artwork following the submission guidelines will be accepted at SheepStop and will be up for voting
b. 10 most popular designs across the SheepStop community make a grand entry into the SheepStop Casino!!! Popularity is based on votes received, discussions about the design at SheepStop and winning designers' and SheepStop's loyal customers' expert comments /votes
c. Design/s which receive maximum bets is/are proudly printed by SheepStop for the design fans.
d. Runners up design/s which miss the winning position by a narrow margin get assured position in the next casino set, after the winner/s of the current casino set is/are declared. The other designs are once again up for voting and if they continue to be popular amongst SheepStop community, they can re-enter the Casino.
e. So spread the word about your designs submitted at SheepStop, it will increase your chances of winning and further improve your royalty payments!!
When do I know the status of my submission?
a. Till the design is accepted by the SheepStop team you will see pending message in the submissions section of your account
b. Within 48 hrs you will receive an email notification to convey the final status of your submitted design
c. Once the design is accepted it will be up for voting at SheepStop and can also be seen in your submissions list
Why was my design not showcased at SheepStop?
a. If SheepStop decides to send back your design for some more work, we provide the genuine reason/s in the email notification conveying the status of your submitted design
b. The primary reasons would be:
1. Submitted design is not found to be original
2. Non-compliance with submission template
3. Design is a Pure Slogan
Do I get a chance to resubmit my design?
Yes, only designs returned for some more work can be resubmitted after the recommendations provided are worked upon.
Can I use the submitted design outside of SheepStop?
a. Once you submit your design at SheepStop you cannot use the design anywhere else other than at SheepStop
1. This holds true for a period of 6 months, if your design is up on SheepStop but not yet selected as winner
2. If your design is declared as the winner, copyrights of the design are assigned to SheepStop and you are paid royalty for every sale generated at SheepStop
When you submit your design, you accept the terms and conditions which state that your design is original and free of any claims on liens from any party
What happens if my design at the Casino is not declared as the winner of this week?
a. If your design is amongst the runners up design/s missing the winning position by a narrow margin it will reappear in the next casino set, after winner for the current casino set is declared.
b. All other designs will continue to be voted and can sneak back into the Casino if they continue to be popular at SheepStop
c. A design may be retired after it completes 6 months at SheepStop from the date of submission
What do I receive for a winning design?
a. Winning design printed on SheepStop tees for you and your design fans to sport!
b. Rs.5,000 Hard Cash for unisex designs!
c. Rs.2,500 Hard Cash for designs printed on either guys / girls tees
d. Rs.500 worth SheepStop vouchers
e. Royalty per winning t-shirt design sold online:
1. For 1st 100 t-shirts: Rs.10 per tee sold
2. 101-500: Rs.15 per tee sold
3. 501-1500: Rs.20 per tee sold
4. 1500+ : Rs. 25 per tee sold
f. And the MOST Sexiest exposure you could wish for? Your name printed with every tee
When will I receive the royalty for my winning design?
a. Indian designers will receive the Royalty amount at the end of every month, if the designer opts for netbanking. In case of cheque payments, royalty is paid out every time royalty amount accumulates to *Rs.1000/- or at the end of the month, whichever is later
b. Royalty payment outside of India will be made as and when the amount accumulates to Rs.2,500/- or at the end of the month, whichever is later
c. The details required for the amount transfer should be provided in the profile settings
What is Betting at SheepStop all about?
a. This is a new concept coined by SheepStop, combining Casino and Shopping! You place bets on the design you that feel would be a hit!
b. If you indeed placed your bets on the winning design, you take home Double the amount. If you didn?t you lose nothing
c. Unlike a casino in Vegas, the design that receives the maximum bets is chosen as the Winning design
d. The winnings are in the form of Reward points which can be redeemed against your favorite SheepStop tees
e. and the BEST part of the SheepStop Casino ? You bet with OUR money!!!
How do I Bet?
a. Every week you receive 10 chips from OUR pocket, Free of Cost.
b. You can bet them at the SheepStop Casino on the T-Shirt's of your choice
c. To do so all you need to do is to click on the poker chips placed below the design. You can continue doing so till you exhaust 10 points
d. Note: You can bet on maximum of 5 designs
e. Bets placed on a design can be removed by clicking once again on the same chip, any time during the betting window
f. The betting, as on the date and time when betting stops, will be considered as final
Why only members can vote or bet on a design?
a. Fair play is one of SheepStop?s Principles. To put a lid on cheating, we allow only one vote per member. Sign up in 3 easy steps!
Is there a limit on how many times a design can enter the casino?
a. No. A design can enter any no.of times into the casino in the period of 6 months from its submission.
b. Every design that has made two appearances at SheepStop Casino will take a break before it is eligible to reappear at the casino. This helps the design garner votes/comments/bets from the growing SheepStop community
When are the betting results announced?
a. Once the betting is closed we pick the Highest Betted design
b. We take at least 7 days to print the winning design and make it ready for you to shop
c. Once that?s done, we declare the Winner and give away the Betting loot!
How do I ensure that I picked the right size?
a. Measure a t-shirt that fits you well and compare it with the size chart to understand which size suits you the best
b. Width is measured just under the armholes
c. Length is measured from extreme top to the extreme bottom of the t-shirt
How do the T-Shirts look like in reality?
a. Photos of some models wearing SheepStop Tees will help you understand how they looks like when worn
b. Clicking on the photos or the "BUY NOW" link will provide the detailed view of the design as well as more information about the printing and fabric
c. Our T-shirt sizes are standard and can be quickly understood from the size chart
What is in stock?
a. If you see a ?sold out? tag against any size of a design then it is not available. If you don?t then be assured about its availability
b. When there are only a few pieces left, it is indicated below the size. For eg. ?3 Left!?
How do I place my order?
Just like you would do at any mall, in fact even more simplified!
i. Browse through the Shop to find the t-shirt you wish to purchase
ii. Click the size you would like to buy. Refer to the Size chart, if required
iii. Review the order and move on to provide address details or continue shopping to add more t-shirts to your shopping bag
iv. You might want to log in so that we can pull your details and not consume your precious time in filling the information you already have with us
v. Then you can begin the payment process
vi. No long queues to wait, be it a SALE or a Weekend! And you will get Home Delivery in India Free of cost! So however heavy your shopping bags are, you don?t have to carry the load
vii. You will receive confirmation email on order placement and another one when your order has been shipped
Do I need an account with SheepStop to place an order?
a. No, it is not a must have but good to have!
b. By having an account with us, you open doors to earn a lot of points to redeem against your purchases
c. There are more fun things like Betting games and forum discussions that members can participate in and enjoy!!!
How long does the shopping bag hold my shopping data?
Your bagged t-shirts will remain in the bag for 3 hrs (if you have logged in at any point before verifying the order) / 1 hr (if you are shopping without logging in) or till the transaction is completed, whichever is earlier, after which the shopping bag will be automatically emptied
Can I gift a SheepStop shirt to someone?
a. Of course! You have two options:
1. Send a gift voucher to a desired address
2. OR Just check ?Gift Wrap and include a note? and ?Ship to another address? during the checkout process
b. We will deliver your gift wrapped t-shirt/s to the shipping address and send the invoice to the billing email
Any brick and mortar store to pick awesome SheepStop t-shirts?
a. We don?t have a brick and mortar store yet, but WAIT, you are most welcome to drop in at our cozy little designer office at 987 A/10 Laxmi Co-op society, Senapati Bapat Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. We will love to have you over anytime between 11 am to 8 pm!
How do I redeem my SheepStop points?
a. SheepStop points are like hard cash! 1 Reward point = 1 Rupee
b. Currency equivalent of Reward points are subtracted from your order total to offer SheepStop t-shirts at a discounted price, just for you!
c. If your total Reward points exceed the order total, the balance will remain in your account to be used on future orders
d. Your Reward Points expire every 3 months. The first 3 month period starts from your date of joining.
e. Note, reward points cannot be redeemed against shipping cost, if any. Shipping service is provided at cost and hence not eligible for reward redemption.
How do I use my SheepStop Gift vouchers?
a. At the ?Verify order? step of checkout, simply enter your voucher code and it will be applied to your order.
b. If your voucher total exceeds the order total, the balance will remain on your voucher to be used on future orders within the validity period
c. The vouchers can be redeemed only against purchases made at SheepStop and not for cash
d. The vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue
How do I pay at SheepStop in Rupees?
SheepStop offers Cash on Delivery facility across India
Online payment at SheepSotp is processed through Razorpay for transaction in Rupees where you can pay using any one of the following secure options:
1. Any Visa, Master, RuPay, Maestro Credit / Debit Cards.
2. UPI (Google Pay / Paytm) / QR
3. Netbanking (All Indian Banks)
4. Wallets of Mobikwik and more
5. Pay Later with ICICI Bank PayLater
How do I pay at SheepStop in dollars?
Outside of India SheepStop payment is processed through PayPal where you can pay using Master, Visa or American Express credit card or your paypal account
Is payment at SheepStop secure?
a. Sheepstop uses Razorpay for payment processing in INR and Paypal for payment processing in USD.
b. SheepStop does not store your credit/debit card or bank account information
c. Razorpay uses the highest assurance SSL certificate which is the EV SSL. SSL encrypted data cannot be seen by third party.
What is Razorpay?
a. Razorpay is a secure link between SheepStop and various Credit Card issuing institutions, acquiring Banks and the payment gateway providers
b. Razorpay is authorized as a Master Merchant, by Indian financial institutions, to accept and validate Internet payments via Credit Card, and Net banking facilities in real-time
c. URL:
Where does SheepStop Deliver?
SheepStop currently delivers all over India and to following 17 international destinations:
1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Brazil
4. Canada
5. France
6. Germany
7. Hongkong
8. Ireland
9. Iran
10. Japan
11. New Zealand
12. Singapore
13. Spain
14. Sweden
15. Switzerland
16. United Kingdom
17. United States of America
How much will shipping cost me?
In India? Nothing ! We ship it for free !
Best International Shipping deals are provided to you at the very first checkout stage
Which Courier Service does SheepStop use?
In India, SheepStop has partnered with FairDeal/Aramex Courier Services, serving over 5000 pin code destinations across India
For International Shipping SheepStop has tied up with Speed Post, backed by Universal Postal Union
When will I receive my tee?
a. Usually shipments are received within 3-10 working days from order placement depending on whether it is shipped in India or abroad
b. Shipping notification email will let you know the approximate date of delivery
How do I check my order status?
a. Track your Order Status here or by following this link at the footer of every page. All you need to provide is your order number as in the ?order confirmation? email
b. If you placed your order after logging in, your account will also have your order status
c. For any weird reasons, if you are not able to pull your order, please do email us at and we will promptly provide assistance
How will the tees be packaged?
The tees will be placed into a damage proof SheepStop bag specially designed just for our lovely customers!
What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy at SheepStop?
a. Each t-shirt at Sheepstop is made with lot of love and care. In addition to this there are size charts, product descriptions and model photos for every t-shirt sold, to guide your shopping process. This will leave you with very rare chances of being dissatisfied with SheepStop t-shirts
b. We understand that there can be few cases in which your expectations might not be met. In this case, feel free to exchange the tees or have your money refunded
c. All you need to do is ship back the t-shirt to us within 5 days of receipt and send us an email at with the subject: Exchange/Refund, mentioning
1. Your Order Number
2. Exchange / Refund along with the reason
3. Which other t-shirt we can replace your purchase with. If it is in stock we will happily send it to you without any additional charge, or else, we will refund the complete invoice total
d. In case of refund, you will be reimbursed the complete invoice total (excluding the shipping charges, if any) in the original mode of payment. Once your exchange / refund is processed you will receive an email notification
e. Please ensure that the t-shirts reach us in a secure package and in the original condition. Soiled or used products will not be exchanged or refunded. Also if you decide to exchange / refund after 5 days of receipt, we are sorry, we will not be able to accommodate your request
What does 'SheepStop t-shirts are made from Organic Cotton' imply?
a. SheepStop tees are produced in a facility in conformance with the Oeko-Tex-100 standards, certifying our t-shirts to be free of any harmful substances
b. At every stage of cotton growing process for SheepStop tees, toxic chemicals are eliminated.
c. Large quantity of water goes into making of a single t-shirt. To recycle this water effluent treatment plants with reverse osmosis system are used.
What fabric and printing technique is used for SheepStop t-shirts?
a. SheepStop tees, made from 100% super combed organic cotton are smooth and soft on your skin
b. The tees are guaranteed to hold their color and design even after numerous washings. They will continue to look and feel awesome. Just follow the basic washing instructions.
c. Different printing techniques are used as per the design requirements and a brief mention about the same can be found along with every design?s detailed view
Any washing instructions for SheepStop Designer tees?
Follow the washing instructions mentioned on the t-shirt label
In general,
i. Machine wash inside out in cold water
ii. Wash dark colors separately
iii. Do not wring
iv. Dry in shade
v. Do not iron on printed designs